The 3 Direct Changes You Need to Make as an Analytic Leader to Identify Exact Business Needs, Minimize Rework, and Deliver Tangible Actionable Solutions to Clients and Leadership, in 90 Days, Without Interfering with Your Workflow, Turnover, or Pushback from your Team

In this Masterclass you will learn:

  • The number one problem analysts and analytic teams are facing especially as more companies are adopting AI

  • How you can get more accurate feedback on analytic work from clients and leadership

  • How to get appreciation and recognition of Analytic value from clients and leadership

  • How we’ve reduced rework and increased the productivity and efficiency of analytic teams.

  • How to identify the exact business needs of clients and translate analytic data into actionable solutions using our proprietary D2S System.

We want to partner with analysts

Analytic team leaders, and consulting practice leaders who want to transform their analytic process into a hyper-performing function that turns data into actionable solutions and creates a bigger impact on business performance and growth. 

Check how we helped Hylant Benefits Identify and Deliver Their Client’s Exact Needs



of All Analytic Projects Don’t Produce Any Value


Are Wasted Annually on

Useless Output

Most Data Scientists Will Leave Their Jobs After

20 Months

Due to Dissatisfaction

How Evergreen Health Increased Productivity, Reduced Redundant Work, and Improved Workflow with the D2S System.

Wendy Lynch is an experienced sense-maker and data scientist with over 35 years of research experience, primarily in business settings. She has played the role of Analytic Translator for hundreds of companies, from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations. Her expertise is both in data analytics and effective communication, combining the two into a framework for optimizing the value of analytics in a business setting.

A nationally-recognized speaker and instructor, Dr. Lynch is committed to training a new generation of analytic translators. Her goal is to establish Analytic Translation as an essential role, recognized by every corporation.

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